All-Electric California

Mission-Driven Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC
Electrical and General Contractors
Decarbonization Consultants in San Francisco

We are a full-service electrification and decarbonization design-build firm, providing consulting, electrical and general contracting.  We work directly with property owners to increase energy efficiency and cost-effectively remove gas from buildings by installing electrical alternatives.  We specialize in residential electrification retrofits, and only work on existing buildings.

Our mission is to reduce global warming emissions and speed up energy transition.  We specialize in the whole-building, long-term view, helping to cost-effectively remove onsite natural gas consumption, reduce electrical usage, and create renewable energy.

All-Electric California is among the first firms in San Francisco to fully electrify multifamily buildings, and to do so with low-embodied energy materials and processes.  With licenses in Architecture, Electrical Contracting and General Contracting, our team has decades of construction experience and expertise developed through university teaching and research in building efficiency.

Our retrofits of 100+ year old buildings have passed the American Institute of Architects 2030 Commitment energy use levels for new construction.

We are excited to be able to pass on savings to our customers due to participation in TECH Clean California rebates.